See what my hands can do

By Trixie Lauren P. Par

I will always remember September 16, 2019 for my sister and I had the chance to attend the opening of the Art Exhibit at the People’s Museum In Bayombong. I was one of those who cut the ribbon during the opening ceremonies which was attended by other children as well.

            Before the actual opening ceremonies, we went for a tour at the museum where I saw various products, homes and costumes of the people of Nueva Vizcaya. It was an exciting activity for it was my first time to visit that museum.

            I could not also believe what my hands can do but when my art painting was one of those chosen by our teacher, Sir Elmer, to be displayed at the museum, I realized that God gave me hands to make beautiful things. For me, I chose to paint orange fruit, butterfly and a tree. The outcome was beautiful for we were taught how to do color combination.

            It was an experience I will never forget. I hope other children will be inspired to do paintings for it does not only show our talents but it is a satisfying activity that we can learn and benefit from.

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